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June 26, 2011
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HS101: Robin Jackson by dCTb HS101: Robin Jackson by dCTb
Student Application for :iconhighschool-101: for Robin Jackson

RJ; miss Jackson; ***Nita["Nita" is an acronym given to her from her peers that stands for "No IT All.]

Doing "grown-up" things (ex. drinking coffee, reading the newspaper), to be called "miss Jackson", doing the right thing, fairness, respect, rules, the supernatural and unexplainable, books, short ties, the colors black and orange, Halloween, authority, traveling, meeting new people, dancing [for fun to her favorite songs and when no one's looking]

Abuse of power/position/authority, ignorance, prejudice, slackers and delinquents of all kinds, quitters, giving up, failing, unpreparedness, being made fun of, error, making mistakes, cats [for being so lazy all the time], milk, her brother's girlfriend

To sum Robin up in 10 words or less, she's a dork child trying to act like a mature adult.

An incredibly and unusually unbiased individual, Robin Jackson is the most open person most people would ever meet if they could take the time to get to know her. Unfortunately, her overachieving and perfectionist nature as well as her lack of tact and amazing bluntness tend to unintentionally hurt other peoples feelings that they couldn't stand to be her friends. She freely speaks what she feels must be said with as much subtlety as an exploding atomic bomb in a library but is fully aware of the consequences and responsibility that will follow. She is a law-biding citizen and a rule abiding student. She doesn't really have any friends but everyone knows her; just not for any good reasons. She is a fearless individual who will defend justice no matter who the opposition. She is altruistic; she will always be the first to do what is right no matter what the situation. Even though she has absolutely no skills other than academics [if that's even considered a skill] she isn't afraid to put her self in danger for the sake of another; stranger or not. She's small and weak but has the most confidence and biggest heart most people will ever come across. And even though she strives to become an authoritative female figure, her leadership skills are quite terrible with the exception of those who follow her natural positive actions as they occur. At most, she's an inspiration for doing whats right when no one will speak up and take a stand.

She's a total dork and incredibly corny. She owns the most terrible looking pair of glasses and she carries everything around in a slightly larger sized elementary Japanese backpack [which she totally gets made fun of for along with her height]. She's constantly alone because no one can stand her...but at the same time, no body hates her [because she's outwardly adorable]. She's both likable and detestable...and she doesn't mind what you think of her, she'll just be on her way, always moving forward and never giving up to reach her goals.

Family Background / History:
Robin has a father in the air force who had a "thing" for 12 years with a Japanese woman while stationed in Japan. The two of them had two children; A son and 5 years later, Robin. Robin's mother left the family the same year Robin failed the 4th grade; she was emotionally crushed and scarred by her mother's act and has associated the feelings of failing with the same feelings of her parents splitting. She despises failing and shuns her failure-of-a-mother as well.

Since their father was in the Air Force and their mother left, Robin and her brother were left to raise themselves. Robin's brother had to take care of her, him being the older sibling and all. He did everything for Robin and strived to become something that would give them both a leisure life independent of their absent parents insufficient care. Years of hard work had paid off for Robin's brother and he became a highly successful business man by the age of 21. Noted for his young age, he gets a lot of attention and has need to travel a lot. His income is more than enough to support his sister wherever she may be. It is thanks to him that Robin is able to attend Rousseau Academy.
Robin is currently under the care of her brother's girlfriend since he's constantly out and about.

Robin has many crushes. Any authoritative man [preferably young] who is successful or a potential success with the same qualities as her older brother. Unfortunately not many guys can stand Robin and she simply doesn't have a chance with guys and also no experience being intimate either.
She'll also totally crush on authoritative young women or girls too, just not like that.

Additional Info:
-***Robin would constantly correct her peers in any area she knew there was error in and her peers would always find that to be the most annoying thing ever. They nicknamed her "little miss know it all" as an insult and started calling her "Nita" for short but ultimately were corrected again by Robin for using the word "No" instead of "Know" to spell out Nita. They didn't care. This name follows Robin everywhere she goes.
-Robin started school a year early. But since she was held back a year, she's in the proper grade.
-She is named after the Jackson 5 cover song of "Rockin' Robin".
-Listens to "Living In The Sunlight" by Tiny Tim, at least once a day [mainly first thing in the morning] in order to start her days positively. She'll sing it to herself when she starts to feel down [it cheers her up almost instantly].
-Talks to herself to keep her confidence and self-esteem high when interacting with others.
-Considers the boys who are too girly or is a pureboy-type as completely unattractive. There's nothing wrong with them as people but she's simply not attracted to them at all.
-She forgot to take her glasses off for when her portrait was taken. The glare on her glasses make her look totally lame.
-Has various things for every situation in her back pack.
-She absolutely loves Jin Saotome.
-Doesn't know what she wants to be when she grows up except that she wants to be just like her brother.
-Doesn't like milk in her coffee but thinks that black coffee is disgusting...yet she forces herself to drink it [for the sake of her "adult" image].
-She's never outwardly jealous, sad, or angry. Its virtually impossible to get her to feel jealous or angry. She's mostly optimistic and positive. However, once she feels like a failure, she breaksdown.
-On Halloween, she drops the adult act and acts her age. She's like a totally different person the whole day, people wouldn't even recognize her.
-Robin is more comfortable around boys. Getting intimate with other girls causes her to massively blush and act highly unusual.
-Would never want to live as a failure. If she felt she had failed her brother, she would actually have suicidal tendencies The thought of being a failure like her mother and nothing like her brother is the only thing that will make her want to quit everything.

Wow so much info, even after I cut some stuff out..

Robin Jackson plz accounts
:iconrobinjacksonplz: :iconrjsaysplz: :iconrjsays2plz: :iconrjsays3plz: :iconrjproudplz: :iconrjnosebleedplz: :iconrjbyeplz:

Robin Jackson Caleb Thomas
All Work done in GIMP
HS101 student application sheet [link]
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