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February 9, 2012
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JJ:  Holly Clemente by dCTb JJ:  Holly Clemente by dCTb

Name: Holly Clemente
Age: 33
Gang: la Famiglia Bianca
Job: waitress / bank robber
Quote: "Would you like some sugar, darling?"
Weapon: the Thompson

Unconcerned - she either goes with the flow or she doesn't
Realistic - in a life or death situation, she will choose life. In a death situation, she will simply accept death
Cunning - deceiving is one of her greatest talents
Prudent - she's always mindful of the consequences of her actions
Mordant - sarcasm is the closest thing to humor from her
Straightforward - she says it as it is
Easily enticed - whatever interests her will attract her very easily. Whether its a person place or thing

Biography: Holly was born in the southern part of Louisiana to a couple of vaudevillians. She is of Italian decent. Both of her parents were some kind of entertainer. Holly's father had plenty of skills that were great for physical acts in vaudeville theaters and Holly's mother was doing burlesque acts herself. Being a naturally quiet and reserved child, it wasn't likely Holly would follow her parents footsteps in entertainment despite her willingness to do so. She was able to learn skills from her father that built hand-eye coordination but she was never able to pull off what her mother did. It was her dream to be entertaining like her mother but on a much larger scale! But the talent simply wasn't there, the location provided no opportunity and Holly didn't even have the same build as her mother to begin with.

Outside from all the good and fun times, it was obvious the Clemente's financially struggled. They moved around a couple of times, gradually heading north. Holly had been working to help her family but was saving money for herself so she could move to New York and find better opportunities. And around her 18th birthday, she left her parents care and went to the city. However, the best she could do was become a part-time waitress at a few separate restaurants. Through those jobs, she made many connections that eventually got her involved in ways of making lots of money which is what she wanted. But never did she think it would be in crime. The people she became involved with were just some small time thugs who tricked Holly into robbing a small store. Her interest in making easy money led her to follow the simple instructions of talking to the cashier. In actuality, she was distracting the cashier, allowing him to drop his guard for the thugs to make a jump on him in order to make an easy steal. Holly realized this was easy money and since she was already tricked into crime, she might as well just go with the flow and make the best of what she's gotten herself into. Gradually over the years up to her current age, the jobs became bigger and Holly's skills in distracting and "entertaining" those whose attention needed diversion became better. Performing these robberies put her in a spotlight that reminded her of a dream she once had. She eventually became involved with the gang la Familia Bianca.

Likes: spicy foods; entertainers, especially dancers; casual conversation; level headed people; being in the spotlight; lots of money; people who are easy to fool or tease; logic; material things; getting even; loyalty; being treated like a star; busty women
Dislikes: thick headed idiots; being tricked; being in a lose-lose situation; gambling; shyness; nonsense; immaturity; being ignored; busty women

Additional Info:
•Her gang crest is on the inside of her right glove.
•Among the things she learned from her father, Holly can juggle most objects she can lift and toss, ride a bicycle in various ways, walk on her hands, and perform card tricks and other illusions that require sleight of hand.
•Is a casual and social drinker and smoker
•Would've became a dancer if she had her mother's figure.
•Envies women with a fuller figures. She has to work with what she's got :T
•Loves watching women dance especially if it's for her.
•Would rather collect money than spend it.
•Has a tommy gun that she's handed after a robbery she's in has begun. It's mostly for show but she's not afraid to shoot someone if she wants to. She claims to have gotten rid of the group of thugs who tricked her into her first robbery all at once with a tommy gun when she was about 28. If that's true, then it would be the first instance she took someone else's life.
•Finds men in Fedora hats absolutely attractive.
•Wants to get to know her gang leader better :iconeyebrowsplz:
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