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May 17, 2012
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MM: Nicolas Walton by dCTb MM: Nicolas Walton by dCTb
Name: Nicolas Walton
Occupation: Guidance Counselor
Age: 44
Gender: Male
Height: 6'
Weight: 194lbs

•Traveling and adventure
•Supercars and other really nice cars
•Expensive clothing
•Experiencing new things (especially trying new foods)
•Having a good time
•Staying fit and active

•The dead
•Excessive violence (unless neccessary)
•Doing nothing
•Leaving things unfinished

►Walton is suave and mysterious. Even though he doesn't look it, he's quite lively, outgoing and adventurous; always wanting to have good fun, move forward and challenge himself. The way he expresses himself may come off as bland and unenthusiastic though since he usually appears calm and collected but he's someone who is free spirited and loves to tease and joke; just in a deadpan manner (has a dry sense of humor).

•Very strong; a good lifter
•High stamina
•Fluent in many languages
•Has many secondary skills learned while coping with boredom

•Almost too carefree
•Has brief stints of memory loss and focus
•Has a dangerous dormant side to him. It's unknown to him how it's triggered. The headmaster has seen it for himself though.

►Walton is an amnesiac who can't recall the first half of his life outside of the many pictures taken while traveling the world in his early twenties. He feels like he had already fulfilled life once and losing his memory was a chance for him to fulfill his life all over again by traveling the world a second time and making new memories. At some point during his travels, Walton met Kazuki Mizuyama and they became well acquainted. They parted ways but it wasn't until a few years later that Kazuki contacted his old friend with a job offer that Walton found himself accepting. Now he is the most recent guidance counselor of Higashimori Highschool.

•His personal car is the Audi R8 Spyder 5.2 FSI quattro
•The black suit and tie is his general work attire. He wears it for every job he's had and puts on leather gloves when he's actually working no matter what his work is. It's what feels natural to him...
•He loves a woman but has no shame around men either. People are people.
•Has 3 sets of tattoos: A set of world markings and symbols on his right arm, "praeteritum" across his shoulder blades and "postremo" across his collar, and a phoenix on his left arm.
•The photos of Walton from when he traveled the world are pretty embarassing but he has no shame about what he's done (or showing off the photos).
•His work before his amneisia was an incredibly high-earning job. He doesn't remember what it was but he still has all of his money and most of the various skills he learned for his job. He has enough money to do almost anything whenever he wants which is how he is able to travel the world and afford his car and clothing.

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