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February 15, 2013
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Noemie sketches by dCTb Noemie sketches by dCTb
I think it's time to introduce this new character! If you want to see more of her make sure you follow me on TUMBLR!!!. For those who like to read about my art process and a bit of info on my characters, read on:

Noemie is the result of wanting to draw a girl that would remind me of Hana in a few ways without actually being just another Hana. She's not supposed to replace her or anything so I'll definitely will draw Hana still (and maybe the both of them in the same pics?).

Anyway, this is Noemie, somewhat named after sister. My sister's name isn't Noemie though, so she's technically named after the french model from Rush Hour 3, Noemie Lenoir. I've had her in my head for a VERY long time--probably ever since I did My Kind Of Girl. All I wanted was a girl character with tan or brown skin, really dark hair, and blue eyes (water tribe girls, wassup? :iconlazyroseplz:) and she would be someone I could draw frequently like how I draw Hana. I've found myself wanting to do things with Hana that were out of character so I couldn't but Noemie would be perfect for those things. She's also a cool girl with great hair (and awesome eyebrows:eyes:) but she's meant to be more lively and dynamically expressive (vs the enigmatic Hana's chill demeanor and aloofness).

When drawing her face, she initially had much less defined features in her first drawings (which you can see here) but I challenged myself to give her a look that would be more difficult to draw consistently and would also be distinct from Hana's face. They both still carry a very similar expression in their eyes (which is what I intended) but Noemie's face will light up with life more so than not. While Hana has a bit of a longer face and smooth yet sharp features, I aimed to give Noemie a more chiseled look with defined cheekbones, a strong jaw and a more rounded nose with fuller lips to match. They both have deep-set eyes and full eyebrows which is just a personal preference regarding the facial features in my style.

Noemie will have the body of a dancer. She's definitely a lot more athletic compared to Hana and I personally would like to explore dance poses by drawing Noemie doing them. I actually came across actress/dancer Sofia Boutella in the movie Street Dance 2 after I made the headshots for Noemie. She'll be the perfect inspiration for her at the moment. Before, I thought I'd have to rely on actress Zoe Saldana and music artist/dancer Ciara but Sofia is exactly what I was looking for unlike the other two. She's got the style and moves that I imagine Noemie to have and to think I stumbled upon that movie on YouTube by chance! I'm so glad I did since the timing was perfect.

Noemi *dCTb
All work done in GIMP
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Cytoscourge Featured By Owner May 27, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow, she's really pretty.
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I loveeee this!!
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mmM!  she's so pretty!
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Megan Fox.
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She's so pretty. :o
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looks like a norwegian girl at my school, except the girl here has hair a little lighter than hana's.
TheAnonymBrainwash Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Because of this pic I colored my hair dark blue,too. ♥ I love you.
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This is the character I like the most 'til now.
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cool job
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